by Jan Bušta
docudrama, release 2014, Czech Republic

Pliant, powerful and naive. Tales of three men intertwine during the launching of television broadcasting in Czechoslovakia. Actor, František Filipovský (Martin Matejka), has no idea that his vision of the ´Miser´ will make history. For the Minister of Information, Václav Kopecký (Pavel Nečas), it´s a tense moment: will he persuade his fellow comrades that television broadcasting is the golden egg of communist propaganda? Television technician (Braňo Holiček) is ´fascinated by the transfer of pictures and sound on a remote basis´. He has a job he never even dreamt of. But can one fulfill one´s dreams in communist Czechoslovakia of the 1950´s and not become entangled with the regime? And who will subjugate television the most on his own terms? And who will be subjugated by television? In 1953 a few dozen TV sets in Prague, a decade later millions of viewers throughout the country. A television nation is being born. Unknown history of the first years of television broadcasting and an electro-minimalist operette linking the Midi Lidi and WWW bands in stylishly polished plot with director, Jan Bušta, and scriptwriter, Radim Procházka, making effective use of docu-drama genre.

My Credits: original story and co-writer