2011, by Karel Vachek

Producers: Radim Procházka (Czech Republic), Robert Kirchhoff (atelier.doc, Slovak Republic)

The world of magic and God of mystics in (the classic documentarist) Karel Vachek´s film novel about alien as well as earthly civilisations, advertocracy and internet democracy. The film quotes from the renowned operetta ´Mam´zelle Nitouche – the actor Oldřich Nový in a convent, a theatre and inside army barracks. Comprehended as well as unfathomable reality, relationship of mythology with history in correlation to multidimensional spaces of quantum physics and politico-societal organisation of the world around us. In the film Balkan warriors ´meet´ supernatural spooks, who open people´s drawers and overturn armchairs. The advertising slogan of British atheists, ´There`s Probably No God!´ introduces the Papal visit to the Czech Republic. Barack Obama hid from Vachek´s camera behind some reading apparatus and the director uses the cutting-room to confront him with the hypothesis that even the American president is not allowed to know where billions of dollars from the Defence Ministry budget are spent. Obscurantist was filmed in the USA, Japan, Great Britain, Bosna and Herzegovina, Slovakia, Poland, Austria, Germany as well as the Czech Republic. Among many others appearing in the film, we also meet world-famous mysteriologists, Erich von Däniken and Raymond Moody.

CPH:DOX 2011 official selection in competition, FNE Visegrad Prix at Jihlava IDFF 2011

DOX award 2011FNE Visegrad 2011RIFF Awards 2012